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Welcome To GR8

Established in 2004 GR8 Property evolved from a full financial services history that dates to 1989. With this history behind it GR8 Property Management is able to provide its clients a more holistic service offering through remaining well connected to the industries it evolved from. While our Speciality is Property Management you also get the benefit of access a range of services in property investment, property management and real estate.

We are a WA Owned property management team with a team of fully committed property management experts

About GR8

With the introduction in the West Australian property scene of the NDIS and SDA housing in July 2020 GR8 Property made the move to expand into this space a truly independent SDA Provider, dealing exclusively with the supply and management of SDA property for SDA funded participants to occupy.

While it might be seen as a bold move GR8 has had a longer connection with disability through its sponsorship of the Willetton Football Club which includes one of the older All Abilities Football Teams in the Perth Football League Competition. In October 2021 GR8’s Managing Director has been invited to sit on the State Government Round Table Committee into “Disability Inclusion in Sport”. So for GR8 Property the decision to move into the disability housing sector is more about the economic reward and more about our long standing connection and empathy with people with disability

Our Values

At the heart of everything we do are the values of our Passion Statement:

It is our Passion to gain the Trust, Friendship and Advocacy of our clients, associates and team members through growing their confidence, their wealth and their business and ensuring peace of mind by the way we do business. In doing this, our business will thrive.

Whether you are a client, associate or supplier, we exist to provide you with unbeatable service and value. We recognise that you are an equal partner in every transaction you have with us.

Our Team

Nicole de Winter

NDIS Compliance Manager

Perry Kleppe

Managing Director

Stephanie Virgo

Licensee and Director

Tania Kleppe

Practice Manager

Why We Are Different

The NDIS is all about ensuring that choice and control is in the hands of the participants and they receive funding targeting necessary & reasonable needs so that participants can fulfil their full potential. Being completely independent of any other NDIS provider group and specialising only in the NDIS SDA Accommodation space GR8 is one of the few fully independent SDA providers who are able to achieve this outcome within the fabric of the NDIS Legislation

Many of the GR8 team are property investors in their own right so we understand what it means to be an investment property owner. Out long established time in property management activity though has also created an environment where we understand how to balance the needs of owners with those of occupants and this never more important than in the NDIS space. We get what’s expected by owners and occupants.

While it was a big decision for GR8 Property to take the step over into the NDIS Property area its perhaps not surprising considering the pre-existing empathy the directors and company as a whole has with the disability sector in WA. GR8 is a long standing sponsor of the Willetton Football Club with the clubs long involvement with the Perth Football Leagues All Abilities Football Competition dating back to 2017.

The Managing Director of GR8, Perry Kleppe, is also the President of the Willetton Football Club and has been so long before the NDIS became a thing in Western Australia. In October 2021 Perry was also invited by the Chair for the committee for “Disability Inclusion in Sport” The State Member for Victoria Park, Hannah Beasley be sit on this committee. So, in terms of understanding, in the context of being an SDA provider, were pretty confident that we stand out from the pack

We are happy to and insist on investing in continuous professional development for our team members, we maintain a constant awareness of ability to adapt to technology that is beneficial, not simply gimmicky, to ensure that our team are at the forefront of the industry and able to offer outstanding service to our clients at all times.

We recognise that the single greatest breakdown with property management is a lack of effective communication. This can create challenges whether it’s a breakdown with the investor / owner or the tenants / participants. We understand that for owner your NDIS investment property represents a significant financial commitment and value to you, we also understand that this needs to be maintained in a fine balance with the needs and requirements of SDA funded participants while ensuring their legal requirements around choice & control and being able to fulfil their full potential.

Both owners and participants need to be and are kept aware of all important developments affecting the property and the rights of participants within the legislative fabric of the NDIS. We ensure that you are never left in the dark or surprised in a way that you would rather not be.